About Us

Dream it, have it with 3A!

We present you the naturally beautiful surfaces with the most innovative design solutions.

Luxury meets natural beauty…

A team with experience, understanding and high potential came together to prevelige you. We have the experience and technical knowledge to transform what you dream into real.

We offer you the right solutions as a result of clear understanding of your requirements and never hesitate pushing the limits to catch the difference in each soul.

Feel high with high-end spaces!

No one is as preveliged as a 3A client.

“Carrara is not an only marble type quarried in Italy, but also it is David of Michelangelo or The Veiled Vestal of Raffaele Monti…”

“Mugla White Marble means Celcus Library of Ephesus Antique City or Burdur Beige Marble means Sagalassos Antique City…”

Our Mission

We aim to solve the problems getting faced with during the natural stone applications; such as: Poor production quality below expectations. Wrong design applications occured due to the lack of know how. Never ending delivery time.

Our Vision

We do not only consider natural stone as a commercial commodity, but also as a piece of art and we respect more to what the nature gives us. Here, we present you all the beauties of nature with the magical touch of art and design.