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We present you the naturally beautiful surfaces with the most innovative design solutions.

Luxury meets natural beauty…

A team with experience, understanding and high potential came together to prevelige you. We have the experience and technical knowledge to transform what you dream into real.

Feel high with high-end spaces!

We offer you the right solutions as a result of clear understanding of your requirements and never hesitate pushing the limits to catch the difference in each soul.

No one is as privileged as a 3A client.

What We Do

You can browse our wide selection of products; from Natural Stone to Laminated Natural Stone, from Retro Marquetry to Boutique Art we are sure you will find something you will feel a connection to…


“3A will manage your Project from conceptual design through all the phases of the work.”

“We are fully integrated in order to manage the whole cycle in-house.”

Innovations Brought By Hybrid-Mec System®

Hybrid-Mec System® is a aluminum based, light, flexible, corrosion enduring system which does not leave any space between the panels.

Thus, it reduces the static load, absorbs the sight of outer walls. It is also rustproof and helps isolation.